Landing Pages or Direct Linking?

The great thing with PPV is that you don’t have to worry about quality score. PPV is
interruptive marketing. You need to make your landing pages stick out. You need to
really try and make your landing page pop out to the user.
Obviously the easiest way to get started is to direct link. Many people do just that and
have profitable campaigns but I seem to have more success with making my own
landing pages.

I use 90 Second Website Builder to build my PPV Landing pages because it is the
easiest website builder tool I have ever used. I can place images and text wherever I
want to on my page by simply dragging them to where I want them. Most website
builders you will fight with them to get your text and images to line up where you want

If you don’t want to build a landing page you can try and use one of the banners that the
network provides for you for the offer. This can actually work really well because when
the user clicks on your banner it looks very similar to the offer page.

Wanna learn more? Check out my PPV Playbook Review. The owner of PPV Playbook is extremely helpful and willing to help you with any problems you might encounter when starting with PPV advertising.

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